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At MetaBot Club, we want to provide you with the tools and direction to grow your knowledge of personal finance and become better investors. Our platform, GENESIS, will be the foundation of your journey to becoming financially independent. We plan to develop curated lesson plans that can be leveraged by investors of any skill level to improve and become self-sufficient.


We aspire to be more than just an NFT, bringing like-minded investors and Web3 enthusiasts together to collectively enhance their financial knowledge, share insights and build the future of finance.

Our Platform - Genesis

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The core utility of MetaBot Club is our comprehensive financial training & investing platform. Our platform, GENESIS, is composed of:


  • Unlimited access to training modules & instructional content

  • Curated lesson plans for entry-level to advanced investors

  • Interactive training tools to assess budgeting skills & track performance

  • Direct access to finance-industry experts

  • Instantly buy & trade crypto directly from our secure platform


Launch Date: Coming Soon



Our project consists of 2 NFT collections, BEEBOPS and MetaBotz, that give holders access to our platform & community. Our BEEBOPS collection was launched and sold out in October 2021 to introduce early community members to the project. Our MetaBotz collection is set to launch this year and will expand the community, giving more holders access to the platform.


**BEEBOPS holders get to mint 1 MetaBotz NFT for FREE**

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